Hairporn by Amber Heard

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Why take the elevator when you can take the stairs.


Aren’t we all?

Unfortunately. We really should learn to listen to what we preach. 

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Why take the elevator when you can take the stairs.


That’s what I’m saying. But, I’m such a hypocrite…

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I just want to go home.

I’ve been on this island way longer than I expected to be.

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The nature walks are so peaceful here.


It makes me want to go camping.

Camping? I wouldn’t suggest it. Especially not alone. 

I need to learn to set my phone on silent mode.


Some annoying kids have been pranking me, and they keep calling me at the most inconvenient times - like at 6 a.m. - just to breathe into the phone and hang up. And I have no idea where they got my phone number.

Good thing I don’t get scared that easily. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if they called someone, who was a dear friend of Taylor or Quinn and had a faint heart.. Maybe I should just shut up and don’t give them ideas.

Kids can be so immature these days. They’re so disrespectful and irritating when they don’t understand how to be responsible. But that prank kinda sounds like something I would’ve done in my early teenage years. Boy, was I a trouble maker. I had a bunch of male friends from the football team and the things we got ourselves into… I guess teenagers like the thrill and humor of playing pranks. Be glad they’re not playing any pranks that could severely hurt you. 

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Oh, God…


I don’t think I’m getting married…

What… the hell? 

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Anonymous inquired:

do you still want to get married to Nathaniel?

Yes, of course I do. Why would you even ask that?